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faerie made

thedooz in ren_fairies

any ren Fairies attending D*con

If any ren fairies are attending Dragon*con this year we have a fairy group walkign in the parade. Comment here if you are interested in walking with us. We'd love to have you.


Still need...

Fairies? A few friends & I will be fairies & heard the parade group needed walkers...

Thanks, Barbie

Re: Still need...

Hi! I do still have a few ribbons left if you are interested! How many friends? We will have a meet-up if you are in Atlanta Thurs night at 8:30 pm in the Hyatt bar for me to give you your parade ribbons. If you aren't going to be in Atlanta by then we will meet at the concrete benches outside the Hyatt main doors between 9:10-9:20am Saturday morning to walk to Woodruff park (the staging grounds). If you are running late and miss us there then look for us at Woodruff park under "Mythical creatures" or carrying a banner that says "The Fae". The band cruxshadows is having fairies too--we are not THOSE fairies. Message me back with any other questions!!! Would love to have you and your friends

Re: Still need...

Yay! We are only 3. We live in Atlanta so we could make the meeting.


Re: Still need...

Super! Three ribbons it is :) see you on Thursday. We'll try to have the banner with us so you recognize us. I have short spiky brown hair--badge "Doozer"
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