Aug. 1st, 2011

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any ren Fairies attending D*con

If any ren fairies are attending Dragon*con this year we have a fairy group walkign in the parade. Comment here if you are interested in walking with us. We'd love to have you.

Jan. 16th, 2011

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If you had to teach a handful of folk how to play a Fairy for a ren faire, what are important details you would touch on.

I realize that each Ren faires idea of presenting the fae is different. So I'd like general ideas. I'm looking at doing this for a small group of about 4 teenagers who haven't done it before with some help from past fae of the faire we'll be working at.

Which for the record is Oklahoma Ren faire. I got made "head fairy" there! Probably because I'm oldest :P I am looking forwards to it but its still a bit daunting. Thank GOODNESS we will have several returning fae to help me teach them the stuff that is unique to our faire's faeries.

Needed info to take in account for the suggestions are , we're restricted to a small "glen" area and do not go out among the patrons, but they come to us on a boardwalk/ peir, mostly the small childern. We're hoping to be allowed out on the boardwalk this year though.

It will be all girls, no room for big dancing, and if everyone who wants to be in and everyone returns, there will be nine of us.

Jan. 21st, 2010

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Glittering poems

I've never used one before so I don't have one memorized. So I am asking everyone else now.

What are some little short poems that get chanted over kids when you sprinkle a smidgen of Fairy dust on them? I want some insperations to create my own poem.

Jan. 20th, 2010


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woodland faerie Faeble at your service and will be in your service during the Faerie festival coming up! can't wait!

Jan. 19th, 2010

faerie made


waves a hello!

This is me!Collapse )

I live in Florida and have gotten to visit quite a few surrounding faires/ fests. I have been to Georgia's fest (GARF) the last 4 years, the Florida Bay Area Ren Fest (near Tampa), The North Carolina Ren Fest, and the Gainesville, Fl Medieval Faire. I always arrive as a fairy, and many of my items have been aquired at fests, the other items I hand make. I am happy to be joining this community and hope to see some great costumes and meet some great fae.
Fairy me


Hello and Welcome!

I just thought I'd make a place for all of us that play a fairy at a Renaissance faire to get together. Doesn't matter if you play one as cast or playtron. We can share stories, photos, music, costuming tips. Tips on how to keep your wings up when people run into them. Whatever!

Welcome welcome to all!

also taking ideas on more key words to add to the profile

The Community icon is of Twig the Fairy. One of my inspirations. I adore her so much and would LOVE to meet the woman behind the wings one day.

I play Faylinn the Queen's Whimsy at the upcoming faire baratariafaire And I am hoping to get cast as a fairy at Oklahoma Renaissance faire this year.

And I am a big dork and Faylinn has her own lj at thequeenswhimsy

Please do introduce yourself in a new post when you join and let us know where you play at!
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